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Once you’ve signed up, Recrooit’s network becomes yours, giving you access to curated talent from all corners of the globe. Sourcing your team should happen while your focus stays where it counts, until your referrals are lined up for the interview. The time and money you’d spend looking for them can now be spent more wisely.
Engage not only your employees but all of the most acknowledged professionals out there.
Lowest recruitment costs
Stop paying excessive placement fees to recruitment firms.
Reduced time to hire
Referred candidates are more qualified. Cut down on screening.
Keep it cost-efficient. The costs of starting a company are huge. Luckily, some of them can be cut down to size. When your hiring costs are at a minimum, the extra budget could mean the difference between hiring a medior and hiring a senior.
Diversify with remote teams. A remote team brings more than cost efficiency. Having an assembly of people from various cultural backgrounds brings multiple perspectives, ensuring next-level creativity for your project.
SHORTCUT TO A ROLLOUT Hiring for startups through referrals. In a race against competitors, getting your product on the market quickly is the key to success. With limited time, and limited funding, putting your sourcing efforts into the hands of reliable, yet highly cost-efficient recruiters makes too much sense to ignore.
Hiring for startups through referrals.
A DIFFERENT RECRUITMENT SAAS Offshoring on your terms. With full control over recruitment costs, and your pick of only the most qualified candidates, setting up an offshore team becomes a much different experience. Free up your funding by cutting out the intermediaries, and free up your time by leaving the legwork to your very own team of bounty hunters.
Offshoring on your terms.
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