Flexible work. No commitments. Recrooit lets you earn bounties by referring friends and colleagues to jobs. Simply login to your dashboard whenever you feel like, and think of those who would be perfect for the job.
Take 100% of your earnings. Our algorithm keeps your data and your bounties 100% safe. So the only thing standing between you and your bounty is how well your referral performed on their interview!
YOUR FAVOURITE SIDE GIG What is Recrooit? Recrooit is a referral-based recruitment platform where industry professionals recommend their peers for the advertised positions. Companies post a job, and our community of Recrooiters recommend their friends and colleagues. If their candidate gets the job, Recrooiter gets a bounty. Get started
What is Recrooit?
RECRUITMENT 3.0 What are referrals? Referral recruitment is a talent acquisition method of recommending candidates to employers through referrals, usually word of mouth. Referrals are the most cost effective strategy for acquiring talent, and Recrooit allows employers to spread the word about their vacancies through our platform. Get started
What are referrals?

How it works

recrooit-quote It’s great to hear gratitude from candidates you hired, as well as hearing the feedback that they are doing well at their new job. Nikola recommended a Machine Learning Software Engineer. Get started
Nikola recommended a Machine Learning Software Engineer.
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Sure! We certainly welcome people with no recruitment background. We have an intense vetting process that will ensure the quality of recommendations. We expect that you understand the requirements provided by companies. Sign up, it’s free!
Make referrals and get rewarded for it. In less than 5 minutes sign up and start referring friends. Cash out your earnings instantly, whenever you want. Get started