Refer your friends for jobs and get rewarded.

Recrooit lets you earn bounties by referring friends and colleagues to jobs. Simply log in and think of those who would be perfect for the job.

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SmallPDF paid you

Software Developer

+ $2,500.00

Prisma paid you

QA Automation

+ $1,500.00

FishingBooker paid you

Senior Business Analyst

+ $3,000.00

How does Recrooit work?

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Once your profile is approved, you will receive several guides on how to make the most of Recrooit.

Submit your referral

Submit your referral

Pick a position, share the word about it, and start referring amazing talent.

Withdraw your bounties

Pay out bounty

Once your referral lands the job, you get the money. Withdraw at any moment via PayPal or Direct Transfer.

Earn $$$ by helping talented people in your network build their careers.

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EnteloPrismaSmallPDFConveyWonder DynamicFishingBooker

All you need is copy/paste.

All-in-one functionality at your fingertips. Sign up and discover how rewarding it is to connect people with amazing opportunities.

Just shoot a link

Just shoot a link

Each job on your dashboard has your unique ID, so you can just copy and share the link with your network. Once someone applies for the job through your referral link and gets the job, you get a bounty.

Leverage your social media accounts
Skip the manual referral input
Takes less than 5 mins
Make your own job board

Make your own job board

This unique Recrooit feature will showcase  job posts you choose linked to your Recrooit ID. It’s as simple as copy-paste. You can place this link on your website, social media, or wherever you prefer or promote it using ads.

Easy to implement, no coding needed
Automate sourcing
Bring more value to your audience

Anyone can be a recruiter.

Every year, companies spend millions of dollars recruiting candidates… that don’t end up getting hired. You can change that by winning cash rewards for referring good candidates to the right jobs.

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You have a personal collection of contacts that would impress any recruiter out there. Put them to work. Literally.

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Freelance Recruiters

Sourcing is your expertise. You know how to find suitable candidates and we provide you the jobs and tools to make it easy.

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Offer additional value to your community members, and you will create a passive income stream to grow your community.

Hear what our Recrooiters say

“ is a great tool”

It lets you earn by referring friends and colleagues to jobs. Sign up for free, and think of those who would be perfect for the job.

“Recruiting needed a change”

We need to change the way recruiting works. It makes me super duper happy to see this solution online.

“Recrooiting is fun”

Recrooit is a breath of fresh air! Its biggest advantage? It takes the friction out of recruiting and makes it more fun.