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If you think they'd do a good job, go ahead and share your referral link. They apply and if it's a match, you get the bounty!

Tech communities

Reach out to tech communities and share your links with skilled candidates. Engaging industry professionals is the best way to get quality referrals.

Social media

You can use social media channels to share your link in posts, ads, and videos. Include a short job description, don't just paste the link.

Discord & Slack

Be smart and use all tools at your disposal. Join Slack and Discord groups and share interesting job opportunities with seasoned tech professionals.


Exploring Reddit is another effective way to promote your links and amplify your memology skills. Delve into it and round up your referrals.

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Recrooit is here to help your community get better jobs. Discover different opportunities on Recrooit, and share the good news with your friends, colleagues and family!

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Marko Denic
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We need to change the way recruiting works. It makes me super duper happy to see this solution online.

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Co-founder @ SOHO, Creator Economy

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