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With a peer-to-peer approach, we’re reaching the tech pros that have had their fill of those ‘Hope this email finds you well’ messages. Let’s be honest - so have you. So why not let their colleagues act on your behalf, and start the conversation on a more personal note?

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Spare yourself a lot of pain by making sure you’re put in touch with pre-qualified, interested talent only.

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Recruitment agencies are expensive, while headhunting campaigns are time consuming. Opting for a referral-based sourcing strategy is neither.

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wonder dynamics logo testimonial

"Recrooit aims for diversity"

Recrooit takes the hard work out of building diverse talent pool.

Asutin Sheridan photo
Austin Sheridan
Recruiting Manager at Wonder Dynamics
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"Painless referral payouts"

We can just post a vacancy and know that everything's taken care of, including referral payouts.

R. Milunovic
Co-founder at Convey
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"Ceaseless source of qualified candidates"

You won't waste time with mismatched sets of skills and passive talent who isn't actually up for a new career opportunity.

Aleksandar Sreckovic photo
Aleksandar Sreckovic
TA Manager at Prisma