Sourcing is now automated.

Being bombarded with cold outreach messages on Linkedin sucks, but being the bombardier sucks even more. Wasting time reaching out to uninterested talent is a painful, and rarely successful process. Instead, let Recrooiters bring them to you. Vetted, referred, and ready to talk.
Engage not only your employees but all of the most acknowledged professionals out there.
Lowest recruitment costs
Stop paying excessive placement fees to recruitment firms.
Reduced time to hire
Referred candidates are more qualified. Cut down on screening.
Conduct sensible interviews. Building great teams is challenging enough, without the endless cycle of dead-end interviews. Spare yourself a lot of pain by making sure you’re put in touch with pre-qualified, interested talent ONLY.
Crush recruitment deadlines. Recrooit’s referral network does the most time-consuming parts of your job through sheer numbers. Why go it alone if you can employ an army of professionals to help you carry the load and meet whatever deadline is put in front of you?
MAKE MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS Candidate sourcing reimagined. With a peer-to-peer approach, we’re reaching the tech pros that have had their fill of those ‘Hope this email finds you well’ messages. Let’s be honest - so have you. So why not let their colleagues act on your behalf, and start the conversation off on a more personal note?
Candidate sourcing reimagined.
SOURCE FROM THE TOP, ON ANY BUDGET Slash your hiring expenses. No matter what your hiring budget is, keeping costs low is always a good idea. Especially if you still manage to secure top talent. Recruitment agencies are expensive, while headhunting campaigns are time consuming. Opting for a referral-based sourcing strategy is neither.
Slash your hiring expenses.
The last recruitment software you’ll need. Leave traditional recruitment methods in the past, where they belong, and get acquainted with the tool you need, for free. Get started