Grow your team with referrals.

Talent matters more than ever. Use Recrooit to get to top talent, and cut your cost per hire up to 80%.
The world’s most ambitious companies grow their teams with Recrooit.

Why referrals are important

An external referral program saves your time and budget, and helps you diversify. If you’re looking for the best way to increase these outcomes, expanding your pool of recruiters is the top choice. You will overcome the familiar struggles and redefine your business’ success, reputation, and profitability. If you have diversity initiatives or hiring goals, our Community of Recrooites will help build a sense of inclusion. Recrooit can help you achieve all of this. Get started
Engage not only your employees but all of the most acknowledged professionals out there.
Lowest recruitment costs
Stop paying excessive placement fees to recruitment firms.
Reduced time to hire
Referred candidates are more qualified. Cut down on screening.

How it works

recrooit-quote Recrooit eliminates the fear of missing out on exceptional talent. R. Milunovic, Convey Inc. Get started
R. Milunovic, Convey Inc.
70% OF TOP TALENT ARE NOT JOB SEEKERS Unlock talent that’s off the market Traditional recruiting ways and platforms aren’t enough. With about 70% of passive candidates around the web, even the most skilled recruiters have a hard time reaching your objectives. And referral sources unstoppably expand your talent pipeline. Get started
Unlock talent that’s off the market
REFERRALS ACCOUNT FOR 40% OF HIRES The highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate Recommended candidates are four times more likely to be hired. With all the odds stacked in favor of this sourcing method, you should grow your team by relying on talent who know talent and recruiters who’ve turned into Recrooiters. Get started
The highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate
47% OF REFERRALS STAY OVER 3 YEARS The highest satisfaction & retention rates Referrals make all retention refinements achievable and cost-effective. A new hire who joined through a peer recommendation will likely stay in your company for more than three years. Lower employee turnover rates make all the difference. Get started
The highest satisfaction & retention rates
Built for teams of any size Whether you’re a startup or a well-established business, Recrooit is built to match andreach your aims. See for yourself how the most efficient recruiting tactic transforms your team.
Job board convenience It’s like a job board on steroids. Post a job, but instead of going through an endless pile of unqualified candidates, get a list of vetted recommendations for your position.
Agency-level talent pool Does a massive talent pool gathered at an incomparably faster rate sound good to you? Our Recrooiters will do it twice as fast.
Full cost-per-hire control Traditional recruitment limits your pool and prolongs the process. These downsides raise hiring costs. Post a vacancy on Recrooit, choose a bounty, and control all expenses.
Talent knows talent. Putting the right team together is the start of every success story. How do you reach those ‘A’ players? By asking other ‘A’ players! Why limit referrals to your company’s employees only?
Stay cool. Whether it's cold calling or messaging on LinkedIn, it frustrates candidates and it can harm your company’s reputation. Embrace the positive outcomes of employee referrals.

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When you're looking to hire someone, we believe it's best to start with other people who are good at solving the problem you're trying to solve. And really, that's what Recrooit does. Recruit is a recruitment platform where industry professionals recommend candidates for the advertised positions.
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