We live, work, and Recrooit by a set of strong values.

With Recrooit, it’s all about peers. You’ve paired up with countless skilled professionals over the years. And now, you can refer them to jobs they’ll love - and cash in! By recommending a qualified candidate, you get to collect the cash prize - and they get to thrive in an engaging new environment.

This is how we do it.

Tapping into the power of the community, Recooit helps you source qualified candidates from referrals made by industry professionals.

Staying focused on people before processes.

Our goal is to engage and showcase the full potential of your knowledge and connections. Finally, including them in the recruitment process is the best way to recognize and reward them.

Turbo-charging the recruitment game.

The old, reliable ways to attract and hire tech talents are fading into the past. Now, the blend of simplicity, technology, and networking is what every company needs.

Unlocking the true power of innovation.

Referrals are the most cost-effective strategy for acquiring talent, and Recrooit allows employers to spread the word about their vacancies through our platform.

Engaging talents and relying on their skills.

Recrooit brings power to the people’s sentiment. No one knows the tech talent market better than its seasoned experts.