Android Developer

Company Nissatech Innovation Centre
Location Nis
Annual gross salary $7K - $18K
Country Serbia
Region, City or Zip code Nis
Employment type Full-time
Experience 1+ years

Selection process

Our selection process consists of:

  • Application

  • Resume screening

  • Technical interview 1h [can be online] - Here we have a chance to get to know each other, go through your CV and some technical questions so we can see roughly estimate your skill, potential, and could we fit well together

  • Final interview 1h [can be online] - The interview consists of a discussion with our CEO on what motivates you, plans for the future, etc.

  • Offer


Job description

We are looking for an experienced Android developer who will fuel the growth of our product Smart4Fit ( and lead fitness to the next era. Smart4Fit system consists of multiple different Android applications (more about the applications on => Technologies), and your job will be to maintain and develop new features.

Smart4Fit is a new generation of fog computing platforms that relies on intensive real-time data processing on the extreme edge (wearable devices, like a smartwatch). Data is transferred to the cloud for big data analytics (used for optimizing the fitness/professional athlete training and the performances of trainees).

About the challenge

Do you like a challenge or developing application that literally helps people to utilize their physical potential? Like connecting wearables with the system that can tell how skillfully are you training, how is your fatigue or are you in shape? Look no more! We have developed Smart4Fit to show us precisely that and much more. We are now looking for new teammates who can help us to upgrade our product and help us expand to the international market.

Do you love to work on advanced applications with wearables (smartwatch, activity trackers), which can analyze a workout (pulse, acceleration), enable the trainer to monitor in real-time, and notify if the exerciser has any troubles (e.g., too much fatigue)? After each training collected data (which is automatically uploaded to the cloud) is analyzed, so recommendations can be made for the next training.

Another flavor of our system is making digital models for each player (e.g., basketball), which are made based on their training data. During the game, a trainer has real-time data of players' current fatigue so he can exchange a tired player in the optimal time. A trainer can also utilize the information on how much time is needed for a specific player to recuperate. And this information can be an additional edge that can be used to win the game.

Smart4Fit can also be used for monitoring exercises of each person in the group (or a gym), so recommendations can be made for the individual intensity of the training. We test all of our hypotheses and the usability of the system in our gym.

All of this is possible because we have developed a unique approach in the world of fitness. Our system is used in many clubs in Serbia, and we need help with transitioning this system internationally, are you the one who can help us to achieve our goal?


The candidate should be able to work from the office, this isn't a remote job.

What matters to us:

  • Understanding of design and architectural patterns

  • SQL database

  • Good written and spoken English

  • Good communication skills

  • VCS (git)

What we can appreciate:

  • Bachelor degree in Computer Science

  • Experience in Kotlin

  • Experience with Android Jetpack components

  • Good teamwork

  • Problem solver


What we offer:

  • Developing a product

  • Using state of the art technologies

  • Ability to choose your tools/frameworks

  • Opportunity to lead and shape the future

  • Working in a team of experienced engineers

  • Capability to grow as a professional

  • Long term stability

Nissatech Innovation Centre collects and processes personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Nissatech Innovation Centre does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, religion, age, national origin, marital status, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other reason prohibited by law in provision of employment opportunities and benefits.