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Getting more quality candidates with word of mouth recruitment

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Here’s how John, Ryan and Jane
can help you reach new candidates


UX designer

Jane is a UX designer working in a Fortune 500 company using her portfolio website to write a blog. She curates a Recrooit job board with opportunities for designers.


Marketing manager

Ryan is a digital nomad and a marketer managing a closed FB group for people working remotely.


Data engineer

John is a data engineer with a network of colleagues that don’t use social media. Without John, it’s impossible to reach them.

Get external referrals

Get external referrals

Struggling to attract high-quality candidates? It takes a village to recruit these days. More than 5000 community members have referred friends to companies hiring on Recrooit.

Boost your employer branding

Boost your employer branding

Amplify your reach throughout social media, by making sure your open positions echo through all our Recrooiters’ profiles and their combined networks.

Get external referrals

Get external referrals

Less than 20% of quality applicants spend time on job boards. So let’s go where they go - to influencer blogs, podcasts, Twitter and much more.

How does Recrooit work?

Create a free account

Create a free company account

Growing teams with referrals starts with a simple sign up. Fill out the form, and get your account set up.

Submit your referral

Set the payout

Post your first job in seconds and set up the bounty you’re willing to offer for the right candidate. Pay only if you hire them.

Withdraw your bounties

Manage our candidates

Manage your referrals through our easy to use platform and convert your top talent leads into exciting hires. Recrooit ensures you an amazing candidate experience.

Check why 252 companies tried Recrooiting.

All-in-one functionality at your fingertips. Sign up and discover how rewarding it is to connect people with amazing opportunities.

Just shoot a link

Unlock talent that’s off the market.

Traditional recruiting ways and platforms aren’t enough. With about 70% of passive candidates around the web, even the most skilled recruiters have a hard time reaching your objectives. And referral sources unstoppably expand your talent pipeline.

Reach passive talent
Diversify and avoid hiring bias

We’ll handle the payouts.

Recrooit adds security to payouts, allowing companies and Recrooiters to collaborate on referrals with peace of mind. You pick the bounty, and we’ll make sure the Recrooiter gets it with no additional charges to you.

Full control over the hiring costs
No additional taxes
Make your own job board

Ready to up your squad?

The days of shotgun marketing are long gone, and if you’re using an old school approach to grow your team, it’s time to move on. A better approach is to have someone else start the conversation.

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Hire developers

Sourcing qualified candidates is tough. Post a job on Recrooit and grow with referrals.

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Hiring remotely

Find remote talent, manage the selection process, and hire effortlessly.

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Sourcing on autopilot

Tech experts and recruiters sourcing simultaneously are bound to succeed.

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Hear what our customers say

wonder dynamics logo testimonial

"Recrooit aims for diversity"

Recrooit takes the hard work out of building diverse talent pool.

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Austin Sheridan
Recruiting Manager at Wonder Dynamics
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"Painless referral payouts"

We can just post a vacancy and know that everything's taken care of, including referral payouts.

R. Milunovic
Co-founder at Convey
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"Ceaseless source of qualified candidates"

You won't waste time with mismatched sets of skills and passive talent who isn't actually up for a new career opportunity.

Aleksandar Sreckovic photo
Aleksandar Sreckovic
TA Manager at Prisma